Pulsar Sinaps – Merry F.in Birthday

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Edition 20 + 1AP (only 1 left) | Astroprint Canvas 270g | A3 | not framed

“Because a year of great confusion has just passed, fittingly this piece calls for a more nuanced understanding of the end-of-the-year celebrations. Most of Pulsar Sinaps’ pieces are often a search for clarity, even if they paradoxically seem to be layered with radical mystery. In this particular illustration the underlying message is easy to decipher once you’re armed with just one pointer: is the amalgam between iconic-heroic figures and upcoming festivities still suited to our present? He implies that there is something rotten in our value system, that web that holds our individual and collective thoughts & actions together. We hold this pervasive belief that a heroic figure, both real and fantastic, will save us. Whereas we are long due to learn that we ought to save ourselves. All in all, the intention of the piece is to seek deeper understanding inwards, not in constructed dogmas.” ─ Elvira Lupșa